Week 4: Life is all about culture - Vintage Fair, Music and Food (again)

It is Week 4 already! I have been working on several fun projects about clothing, music and food. On Tuesday, Mazz brought a record player with her coffee hosting at Impact Hub. You can have a lucky dip form the record box, and listen to it while waiting for your coffee. I never use a 7" record player before, this is very interesting and a chance to experience how people listen to music in the past. Another day, a member of Impact Hub carried a pan with him, this is a music instruments called 'Tongue Drum'. It sounds very similar to 'Hand Pan' but in smaller version. I love it so much, such a cute pan to play with wherever you are! After playing those music through out the morning, I have a great vegan lunch at The Warehouse Cafe - Halloumi Fish and Chips, this is heaven! Of course afternoon tea afterwards as well. 

話咁快就第四個星期啦,工作上做緊幾個唔同類型既project,有關於時裝/音樂/飲食。係星期二,Mazz帶左個7"黑膠唱片機,我地等佢整緊咖啡時可以任意抽一隻聽。大既12"黑膠就成日見,但我第一次真係攞上手播7"既唱片。之後另一成員就帶左個鍋返黎,銀色一個大鐵波原來係樂器叫 'Tongue Drum'。聽落既聲同原理都同 'Hand Pan' 好似,只係體積細D咁解,好過癮帶住佢去邊都可以玩。之後午餐就去左間我們俗稱素菜館,Fish and Chips 但個魚既由希臘芝士Halloumi做成。Halloumi神奇地好味一試上癮,如果未試過又鍾意芝士一定要試,好多pub都有Halloumi Burger。最後仲有個afternnon tea - cakessss。

Then, I worked in a vintage fair at The Night Owl on 25th October Sunday. There were different vendors of vintage clothes, vinyls and home accessories. People who came to the vintage fair dress very 60s/70s, such as Mod / patterned dress and bohemian style. It just like an afternoon party full of the best bits back in there, people are friendly, unique gems, nice music and good food. What more can you ask for on a cozy Sunday?

You don't have to feel gutted if you missed this, there is another one coming up on 29th November Sunday, just make sure you drop it down in your diary!

到星期日仍需努力,係The Night Owl 有vintage fair,當日好彩有師妹黎手set up,很好多vintage衫,黑膠唱片同復古家具。參與人士好多都著得好襯既主題,主要係60/70年代既style,好似Mod,花花裙同波希米亞款。氣氛同參加既人都好好,比起平時係街既人有善得多,可能因為大家係同一係興趣人都和善D。


That's the end of this week, let's have a whole box sushi from Wasabi for weekend ;) 

咁就又一個星期啦,食下壽司先,Birmingham終於有Wasabi 啦!!

Swim Deep - O2 Institute, Birmingham, Saturday 17 Oct


Photo by @liamho

English Version - Please visit:  Grapevine Birmingham

幾星期前,我一如以往去 Faculty飲咖啡,其中一位咖啡師就播左個非常夢幻既playlist,好似有d棉花糖係speaker到飛出黎。之後全日我都係聽呢隊band,同咖啡因一齊飛去90年代既花樣年華。 Swim Deep mix左dream pop同shoegaze,仲係本地薑出品,Digbeth, Birmingham同時間叫B-Town係indie music scene。當我岩岩開始煲第一隻碟既時候Where the Heaven Are We' , ,第二隻新碟''Mothers' 已經黎緊。Swim Deep 形容第二碟係 psychedelic sex music 直釋係 迷幻性慾音樂,字面上睇落好迷好喪,聽落係堅正,係我的最愛Melodic synths 加 acid house。過左排我發現Swim Deep返黎Birmingham玩 hometown show,今次一定勁正。

呢一日終於到啦,10月17日星期六晚 Swim Deep at O2 Institute. 我對呢場show有極高期望,因為hometown show d fan一定痴晒線,Supporting by Catholic Action and The Magic Gang。今次係我第一次睇Catholic Action, 我鍾意佢地既 bass line 同 主音把聲,個人認為有d似 The Strokes。之後, The Magic Gang - 之前4月Wolf Alice 睇過 , 佢地有好多Birmingham fan, 每當佢地出場d fan就嗌到暈,個個都勁hyper。

Swim Deep一開場就有強勁既visual arts同lighting,仲有Swim Deep logo ≈。第一首新歌Namaste 打頭陣, 個pit已經同我預期中一樣咁大。Swim Deep 9成既觀眾都好後生,我諗我都算係老個批。一set一共14首歌當中包括新舊歌, 個人最愛 Grand Affection and Fueiho Boogie ,當然仲有 B-Town classics Honey and King City. 我覺得視覺效果真係好重要,燈光好影響成個live performance,特別係呢d咁鬼迷既歌,d人跳得癲唔癲我覺得唔多唔少都關視覺享受事。

由此可見,文字同相係表達唔到當時現場既氣氛, 好開心可以係Swim Deep hometown到睇佢地live show,呢場一定係2015其中一場最佳表演。

Photos and video by me

Week 2: Jump the Shark and Impact Hub Mug

This second week was brilliant! I went to Jump the Shark gig and got my Impact Hub Mug! Monday has been a long day -  working day and night. In the afternoon we went to the closest pub - The Old Crown to have dinner then we head to see the soundcheck straight away. Jump the Shark was supporting Alexander and The Rooz, I recorded some of the live performance and interview for them. Unfortunately, my camera isn’t very good, but the videos are good for back up. 

第二個星期好充實,去左睇Jump the Shark,有Impact Hub杯同幫Off the Scale Vintage Shop開幕!星期一永遠係漫長既日子,由朝做到晚,之後去左附近間pub - The Old Crown秒速食左個晚飯就去睇soundcheck。Jump the Shark was supporting Alexander and The Rooz,我影左d低質既片,當俾佢地當record睇下當晚表演。

The day after I received the coolest mug ever from Impact Hub! Every newbie who joined the Impact Hub Wizards and Warlocks Team (aka hosting team) will receive a tailor-made mug. And here is mine! Look how amazing is my personal description especially the Hong Kong bits!

之後個日,我收到史上最型既杯!每個新Wizards and Warlocks team成員即搞手班底係Impact Hub都有隻關於自己既杯,係咪好正呢,睇下條黃絲!