Week 1: Let's get started at Impact Hub Birmingham

The first week of my internship working for Mazzy was awesome. Mazzy Snape - she is freelance event organiser and enterpriser based in Birmingham. She contributes in a lot of cultural events and festivals, definitely my role model in event industry.

I  am so happy to work in the creative space of Birmingham - Impact Hub. This is the most amazing space I have ever worked in, so many excited events and projects going on. Everyone is super friendly, most importantly with on-site DIY kitchen, cereal bar and cafe! I was very look forward when I first heard that we are going to based in Impact Hub. I have been here while volunteering for Flatpack Film Festival so I know how wonderful would that be. Also, while I volunteering in the festival, I met one of the organiser - Sam Grove, I know he is going to Hong Kong so I provided my network and knowledge of Hong Kong to assist Flatpack Asia happened first time in Asia.

開始左第一個星期實習,Mazzy Snape係 Birmingham 做 freelance event organiser,大部分既project都關於creative and culture,音樂藝術文化都關事。Mazzy係我係Birmingham識最岩既學習對象,真係好開心可以跟佢做野。

我地既工作地點係Impact Hub,係一個creative space俾新start up公司開始,有好多其他唔同既細公司一齊係同一個地方返工。係呢到係一個小社區,全部人都超好人,人人都有自己既夢想,個個都努力用自己方式去尋找新天地。係Impact Hub有一個小廚房,無火煮食但都有基本既用具仲有自己既coffee shop。我之前係Flatpack Film Festival做volunteer既時候已經黎過,所以一d都唔陌生。順帶一提,Flatpack Film Festival係Birmingham一年一度既獨立電影節,係volunteer 期間我識左其中一個打算去香港既搞手,上年四月仲第一次去亞洲 - 香港,我海外幫手幾日內搵場租場,其實好好玩,我都係第一次係英國做香港event!詳情可以睇 Flatpack Asia

After that, we visited one of our clients - The Night Owl, a Soul, Motown and Ska night club in DIgbeth. This is a very rare club with beautiful interior design where plays 60s -90s tunes and not chart music. After that, we went to another client - Mocking Bird, the restaurant in Custard Factory.

之後我地去左其中一個客,The Night Owl - Soul, Motown and Ska night club,60年代既音樂,好難用廣東話解釋......有興趣google下。大部分英國既club都無乜內部裝修,但呢間就好靚有晒裝飾同重要唔係播chart music。之後再去另一個客係Custard Factory一間餐廳,Mocking Bird,首先講下Custard Factory,係舊吉士醬廠(無錯係食得奶黃色個d),改建既創意產業工業區,有好多creative公司係到起家。

Let's talk what I usually do at work, I spent most of the time on researching about potential events and bands, creating ideas for new launch events and promotion. Compared to what I did in university, this research is more enjoyable and painless.

我工作範圍大部分時間都係做資源搜集,揾有潛質合作既events 同bands,諗新下計做新events 同promotion,相比係大學做既research呢d真係好玩好多。

As a foodie, I have to mention that Impact Hub does a great job to enhance productivity, which is Breakfast Club Monday, Yoga Wednesday and AFTERNOON TEA THURSDAY. Cream tea every Thursday! This is the best cure for me ever.

當然要講下食啦,Impact Hub為左提高大家志氣同促進小社會關係,有星期一早餐會,星期三晨早瑜珈,同星期四下午茶,勁開心囉,有邊個唔鍾意scone先?? 

At the end of the week, there is no queue for Pho in Grand Central finally! I have craving Vietnamese food for ages, definitely give it a go! Yum yum….

最後,新裝修左既new street火車站有越南野食Pho梗係去啦,老實講,好過無!