Festive December in Birmingham

Let’s kick off 2016 by reviewing the amazing 2015! I am very grateful to obtained my Masters degree in Creative Industries and Cultural Policy from Birmingham City University. The course changed my perspective of EVERYTHING. I see more than what I used to be, caring the place I live in and being excellent to everyone.  

開始2016同時回顧一下自己2015做過咩先,首先當然係讀完個Masters degree - Creative Industries and Cultural Policy from Birmingham City University。個course改變左我好多價值觀,人生哲學咩都有真係,我學識左多方面睇同一件事,搵出真相,關心自己既社會同尊重。

This festive month - December, I experienced the real world of working in England. As you know, I love working in Impact Hub, they always host fabulous events and workshops. Of course, the Christmas Party as well!! The first thing when I arrived the hub is pick up my mug and practice my coffee skill, so I lifted up my mug - why is it so heavy? There is a present in my mug!! Every members of Impact Hub receive a secret handmade jam in the mug!! This already made my day, and following a whole day event includes: Family Fun Workshop, Christmas Lunch, Performance and Christmas Dinner. From noon to night, Christmas food is everywhere, vegan chocolate is the highlight of the day! Except food, I receive a new book: Presentation Now - to enhance my skill to prepare a presentation in less than 3 hours, which is suitable for everyone especially students. For me, I hate seeing a powerpoint full of words, I would describe it as “article presentation”, absolutely wasting my life. I will come back to this book later when I finished it.

呢個節日氣氛濃厚既12月,我開始左係英國工作,你都知啦,我鍾意係Impact Hub做野,佢地真係好有心推動自己社會同搞手,當然唔少得聖誕party! 咁去到Impact Hub第一件事就係攞隻杯去沖咖啡,呀但點解今日隻杯咁鬼重既,原來入面有樽手製果醬!勁開心呀!接著來仲有全日event有家庭樂,天才表演同聖誕大餐。講真由朝到晚不斷有野食,仲有Impact Hub會員精心炮製既素食者講適用既熱朱古力。除左食,仲收到一本書關於presentation - Presentation Now,教如何3小時內準備好一個perfect presentation,老少咸宜特別係學生,人生最驚就係見到密麻麻既powerpoint文,真係浪費我既人生去睇咁既presentation。等我睇完本書再同大家分享。

After too much food, Impact Hub put on Incredible performances such as spoken word, live music, street dance, beatboxing and my lovely DJ Mazzy. Through out the night, many members of Impact Hub had show off their hidden talents, amazing voice and British humour. I love the performances from Matthew Socci and Tom Peel, Matthew Socci has amazing guitar skill which I have no ideas how should I describe it / Tom Peel is a super hilarious musician who combining music and craziness in one. You have missed lots of entertainment If you never seen their gig! And Malala Yousafzai also came to the party, I was very luckily to meet her in person, she is a true inspiration.

無限既食物之後就去到表演節目時間,包括有spoken word, live music, street dance, beatboxing and my lovely DJ Mazzy。天才表演有好多本身Impact Hub會員,原來平時係我隔離沖咖啡個個原來係beatbox高手,真係卧虎藏龍。當晚最愛有Matthew Socci神乎奇技既結他技術同超級搞笑Tom Peel,將音樂同幽默結合得完美無瑕。Malala Yousafzai 都有黎到 party, 有幸見到佢真係社會棟樑啦。

A week later, it was Topshop Staff Christmas Party at Digbeth. Everyone dresses very nicely, party and drinks, which is not my kind of thing for me as a non-drinker. Anyway, I enjoyed the night to meet so many colleagues as we don’t have time to talk while working in store. 

一個星期之後到Topshop Staff Christmas Party,都係個d啦,飲到爛醉,對我唔嗜酒音樂又唔岩聽黎講,有無趣自己想像下,但都係唯一機會係工作時間以外同同事相處傾下計。

The year of 2015 is gone, which is one of the best year of my life. Studying and working abroad from Hong Kong to England is my biggest achievement at the moment. I am very pleased to meet everyone here especially Mazzy Snape and my personal tutor during the degree - Paul Long. If I have to use a word to sum up what I have learnt this year, that would be “Respect”. I love how people make connection with each other and appreciate what they working on. Doers always work hard instead of moaning, the future is always in our own hands, continuous improvement is the best way to improve ourselves. This is what I have experienced in Birmingham City University and Impact Hub. Thank you 2015! Let’s become a better human for our world! 

話咁快咁就一年啦,2015可以話係人生以來最精彩既一年。人生一大舉動出國讀書工作,好榮幸認識到提左十萬次既Mazzy Snape同我大學導師Paul Long。如果用一個字形容今年學左d咩,個粒字會係:尊重。我鍾意見到人同人既接觸,點樣同人相處待人接物,尊重大家做緊既工作。真係做事既人真係講多無謂,做就最實際的。老套D都要講句未來係自己手中,條路點行自己簡,係睇你點推自己向前。呢D係我係Birmingham City University and Impact Hub感受到,多謝晒2015!黎緊做個好D既人,幫自己又幫到社會!

Fabulous October with Mazzy Snape

October 2015 was the best month of my career in event industry, I had a fabulous October with Mazzy Snape. She is my role model of creative enterpriser, working on dozens of cultural projects to improve the place we living in. I learnt uncountable of real-life skills, such as how to interact with people, be excellent to everyone and possible ways to work and party hard. 

2015年10月係我係event industry最充實既一個月,我開心可以同 Mazzy Snape做野一個月。係英國呢兩年,我認識左好多猛人,Mazzy係其中一個我十分敬佩既人,重點係從事本地創意產業既女強人。係呢一個月我學識好多生活上既事,加上了解左好多工作同香港唔同既處事方式。係到佢地非常注意人際關係同文化交流,工作同時又娛樂自己,講求生活平衡。係呢個月我參與左好多唔同類型既projects,詳情如下:

In the past month, I was getting involved in several fun projects across Birmingham - including:

The Night Owl, Northern Soul and Motown Club / The Mockingbird Bistro / Brum Radio / Off the Scale cic Jump the Shark, indie band from Wolverhampton / Grapevine Birmingham / Natural Healthy Food / Impact Hub Birmingham etc.

According different situations, I produced project proposals, creative writing, brand launching events and social media engagement. These responsibilities were way more than my self-expectation, I didn’t know I can handle all kind of areas which I am not familiar until I get my hands dirty.

My favourite project was Off the Scale cic, a recycled and up-cycled clothing shop in Kings Heath. I started from the scratch to create social media accounts, assisting brand launching event, engaging with customers and street promotion. I really enjoyed myself while working in the events, seeing all those efforts and ideas I given and transform them into reality. It was huge satisfaction to complete the tasks and my boss liked them. 

跟據唔同情況,我主要工作包括寫proposals,寫稿,brand launching events同管理social media。其實我無諗過我可以短短四星期接觸咁多唔同既崗位,真係唔做唔知自己做得黎。相反,上司們都會好驚你俾鍋佢咩,但呢到Mazzy完全放晒手俾我做由零開始,自由度無極限。而我最愛既project係Off the Scale cic,一間環保古著店。我由開account開始做social media,安排launching event,同客人傾計,落街親自promote派傳單,咩都一手一腳自己做,真係好有成功感ga!

Mazzy always encourages me to dig out my creative mind and think outside the box. I have unlimited freedom to create whatever I think is possible, making recommendations directly with clients. I was pleased to have my internship with her, it was another world compared to working in ‘traditional’ company. Especially we were based in Impact Hub, the best co-working space for freelancers. I met so many creative people in the hub, just like one big family who love to make things better. While working in this magic place, people always up for a chat, knowing and helping each others as much as possible. They know how to connect people and place very well, which enhance the civil pride of Birmingham. Impact Hub have more than 72 locations over the world, and Hong Kong definitely need one!! Cultural identity is real important for a modern city to keep themselves away from globalisation. That’s why cultural workers are the key elements to maintain their civilisation in a place, I am very proud to be part of this journey. Combined those alternative achievements, I feel more likely to start my career in Birmingham more than just shopping in Bullring. 

Big shout out to amazing Mazzy - my colleagues, good friend and creative nuts. Lots of love xxxx

Mazzy成日都鼓勵我諗多d,唔好框住自己瘋狂既ideas,我就真係咩痴線計都講出黎,大家度度下又原來真係有可能喎!諗到D咩都提出,可以同客人建議D新鮮既ideas。真係十分榮幸可以同Mazzy做野,相比係傳統式公司真係兩個世界。特別我地主要係Impact Hub,超正共用工作空間俾freelancer,我識左好多從事創意產業既人,一個想社會更好既大家庭。係Impact Hub大家成日都吹水飲啡,想認識同幫助大家,個network大到想像唔到。佢地好清楚自己既方向,民族意識非常之強,其實咁先係一個完整社會需要既元素,Impact Hub分佈全世界最少72個城市, 我地附近既新加坡同日本都有,香港都好需要!!未來既日子我會係Birmingham繼續工作,表面上只有Bullring商場既地方,其實背後有一班有心人維持本土文化。



Week 4: Life is all about culture - Vintage Fair, Music and Food (again)

It is Week 4 already! I have been working on several fun projects about clothing, music and food. On Tuesday, Mazz brought a record player with her coffee hosting at Impact Hub. You can have a lucky dip form the record box, and listen to it while waiting for your coffee. I never use a 7" record player before, this is very interesting and a chance to experience how people listen to music in the past. Another day, a member of Impact Hub carried a pan with him, this is a music instruments called 'Tongue Drum'. It sounds very similar to 'Hand Pan' but in smaller version. I love it so much, such a cute pan to play with wherever you are! After playing those music through out the morning, I have a great vegan lunch at The Warehouse Cafe - Halloumi Fish and Chips, this is heaven! Of course afternoon tea afterwards as well. 

話咁快就第四個星期啦,工作上做緊幾個唔同類型既project,有關於時裝/音樂/飲食。係星期二,Mazz帶左個7"黑膠唱片機,我地等佢整緊咖啡時可以任意抽一隻聽。大既12"黑膠就成日見,但我第一次真係攞上手播7"既唱片。之後另一成員就帶左個鍋返黎,銀色一個大鐵波原來係樂器叫 'Tongue Drum'。聽落既聲同原理都同 'Hand Pan' 好似,只係體積細D咁解,好過癮帶住佢去邊都可以玩。之後午餐就去左間我們俗稱素菜館,Fish and Chips 但個魚既由希臘芝士Halloumi做成。Halloumi神奇地好味一試上癮,如果未試過又鍾意芝士一定要試,好多pub都有Halloumi Burger。最後仲有個afternnon tea - cakessss。

Then, I worked in a vintage fair at The Night Owl on 25th October Sunday. There were different vendors of vintage clothes, vinyls and home accessories. People who came to the vintage fair dress very 60s/70s, such as Mod / patterned dress and bohemian style. It just like an afternoon party full of the best bits back in there, people are friendly, unique gems, nice music and good food. What more can you ask for on a cozy Sunday?

You don't have to feel gutted if you missed this, there is another one coming up on 29th November Sunday, just make sure you drop it down in your diary!

到星期日仍需努力,係The Night Owl 有vintage fair,當日好彩有師妹黎手set up,很好多vintage衫,黑膠唱片同復古家具。參與人士好多都著得好襯既主題,主要係60/70年代既style,好似Mod,花花裙同波希米亞款。氣氛同參加既人都好好,比起平時係街既人有善得多,可能因為大家係同一係興趣人都和善D。


That's the end of this week, let's have a whole box sushi from Wasabi for weekend ;) 

咁就又一個星期啦,食下壽司先,Birmingham終於有Wasabi 啦!!

Week 2: Jump the Shark and Impact Hub Mug

This second week was brilliant! I went to Jump the Shark gig and got my Impact Hub Mug! Monday has been a long day -  working day and night. In the afternoon we went to the closest pub - The Old Crown to have dinner then we head to see the soundcheck straight away. Jump the Shark was supporting Alexander and The Rooz, I recorded some of the live performance and interview for them. Unfortunately, my camera isn’t very good, but the videos are good for back up. 

第二個星期好充實,去左睇Jump the Shark,有Impact Hub杯同幫Off the Scale Vintage Shop開幕!星期一永遠係漫長既日子,由朝做到晚,之後去左附近間pub - The Old Crown秒速食左個晚飯就去睇soundcheck。Jump the Shark was supporting Alexander and The Rooz,我影左d低質既片,當俾佢地當record睇下當晚表演。

The day after I received the coolest mug ever from Impact Hub! Every newbie who joined the Impact Hub Wizards and Warlocks Team (aka hosting team) will receive a tailor-made mug. And here is mine! Look how amazing is my personal description especially the Hong Kong bits!

之後個日,我收到史上最型既杯!每個新Wizards and Warlocks team成員即搞手班底係Impact Hub都有隻關於自己既杯,係咪好正呢,睇下條黃絲!

Week 1: Let's get started at Impact Hub Birmingham

The first week of my internship working for Mazzy was awesome. Mazzy Snape - she is freelance event organiser and enterpriser based in Birmingham. She contributes in a lot of cultural events and festivals, definitely my role model in event industry.

I  am so happy to work in the creative space of Birmingham - Impact Hub. This is the most amazing space I have ever worked in, so many excited events and projects going on. Everyone is super friendly, most importantly with on-site DIY kitchen, cereal bar and cafe! I was very look forward when I first heard that we are going to based in Impact Hub. I have been here while volunteering for Flatpack Film Festival so I know how wonderful would that be. Also, while I volunteering in the festival, I met one of the organiser - Sam Grove, I know he is going to Hong Kong so I provided my network and knowledge of Hong Kong to assist Flatpack Asia happened first time in Asia.

開始左第一個星期實習,Mazzy Snape係 Birmingham 做 freelance event organiser,大部分既project都關於creative and culture,音樂藝術文化都關事。Mazzy係我係Birmingham識最岩既學習對象,真係好開心可以跟佢做野。

我地既工作地點係Impact Hub,係一個creative space俾新start up公司開始,有好多其他唔同既細公司一齊係同一個地方返工。係呢到係一個小社區,全部人都超好人,人人都有自己既夢想,個個都努力用自己方式去尋找新天地。係Impact Hub有一個小廚房,無火煮食但都有基本既用具仲有自己既coffee shop。我之前係Flatpack Film Festival做volunteer既時候已經黎過,所以一d都唔陌生。順帶一提,Flatpack Film Festival係Birmingham一年一度既獨立電影節,係volunteer 期間我識左其中一個打算去香港既搞手,上年四月仲第一次去亞洲 - 香港,我海外幫手幾日內搵場租場,其實好好玩,我都係第一次係英國做香港event!詳情可以睇 Flatpack Asia

After that, we visited one of our clients - The Night Owl, a Soul, Motown and Ska night club in DIgbeth. This is a very rare club with beautiful interior design where plays 60s -90s tunes and not chart music. After that, we went to another client - Mocking Bird, the restaurant in Custard Factory.

之後我地去左其中一個客,The Night Owl - Soul, Motown and Ska night club,60年代既音樂,好難用廣東話解釋......有興趣google下。大部分英國既club都無乜內部裝修,但呢間就好靚有晒裝飾同重要唔係播chart music。之後再去另一個客係Custard Factory一間餐廳,Mocking Bird,首先講下Custard Factory,係舊吉士醬廠(無錯係食得奶黃色個d),改建既創意產業工業區,有好多creative公司係到起家。

Let's talk what I usually do at work, I spent most of the time on researching about potential events and bands, creating ideas for new launch events and promotion. Compared to what I did in university, this research is more enjoyable and painless.

我工作範圍大部分時間都係做資源搜集,揾有潛質合作既events 同bands,諗新下計做新events 同promotion,相比係大學做既research呢d真係好玩好多。

As a foodie, I have to mention that Impact Hub does a great job to enhance productivity, which is Breakfast Club Monday, Yoga Wednesday and AFTERNOON TEA THURSDAY. Cream tea every Thursday! This is the best cure for me ever.

當然要講下食啦,Impact Hub為左提高大家志氣同促進小社會關係,有星期一早餐會,星期三晨早瑜珈,同星期四下午茶,勁開心囉,有邊個唔鍾意scone先?? 

At the end of the week, there is no queue for Pho in Grand Central finally! I have craving Vietnamese food for ages, definitely give it a go! Yum yum….

最後,新裝修左既new street火車站有越南野食Pho梗係去啦,老實講,好過無!