Book Review: Presentation Now by Andrew Lightheart

Through back few weeks ago, I mentioned about this book - Presentation Now by Andrew Lightheart. And now I finished it and want to share my experience with you. I spent 3 days in total to finish it, which is pretty quick compared to other books. There are few benefits which cause this speedy reading:

  1. Super simple English, the author, Andrew describes it as “Plain English”
  2. Interesting drawing to help you understand the situations
  3. Different examples to demonstrate suitable solutions
  4. Quick recipes to reach maximum outcomes

幾個星期前,我提過下呢本書叫Presentation Now by Andrew Lightheart。咁我就用左3日睇完啦,相比起其他書簡直既神速。我如何做到:

  1. 超級簡單英文,作者Andrew 形容為 “Plain English”
  2. 搞笑圖案幫助你明白個情況
  3. 唔同例子去解釋適合既拆彈方法
  4. 速成教學

Let’s talk about what I like about this book. Andrew uses very easy English to explain every single scenarios, which cause me zero dictionary check while reading an English book. MY FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE! (It is the reason why I can finish this book within 3 days) I was really surprised that he knows how to teach non-native English speakers to understand about presentation and communication. The most interesting part are example cases while he having seminars with clients in Hong Kong, it always amuse me to read his experiences in my hometown which makes me more attach to the stories. He completely understands how “we” - non-native English speakers struggling to catch up the Anglo English. To be honest, I feel like idiot to talk to locals when I first arrive the UK, SLANGS and ACCENTS, oh my god, I feel like I spent my whole life learning nothing from English classes. About 2 years now, I am just slightly confident to say I can mostly understand what people saying to me. It was hard for me to living in a new country alone, I tried many ways to blend into the community such as hanging out with locals, joining social groups and avoiding people who speak the same language……It sounds very mean to my Cantonese friends but it is the most efficient way to push myself to speak English everyday.  


Okay, back to the book. Presentation Now is useful for everyone who need to communicate with human. There are lots of life-changing skills to improve your self-confidence, the ways of your presentation and time management. To be fair, I don’t think I have bad presentation skill. However, after reading the book, I actually feel like I am more organised about my planning and know more about my target audiences before I do the real show. Andrew mentions quite a few points I didn’t pay attention in the past such as how to deal with secret questions. Also, there are some cases about global communication for advanced speakers. He brings up important advices to respect cross-culture conference as he worked internationally over 10 years. I high recommend this book to those who wants to enhance their planning skills especially non-native English speakers. Presentation Now is very easy to read and get to the points straight away, time saved. Let me know how you getting on with the book by leaving your comments below :)

 So now grab yourself a copy for a big change! 

講返本書先,Presentation Now 好適合任何人士係日常生活需要與人類溝通。書中有好多改變人生既技巧例如個人自信,表達能力同時間管理。講真我自覺我presentation skill唔差,但睇完本書我發覺我個人有系統左,係present之前會了解多方法我要應對既人。Andrew 舉左幾個例我之前無留意,好似點應付問答時間。 同埋有幾個例子係俾要對幾百人演講既建議,仲有重要指示關於對唔同文化背景既注意事項,原來佢之前個10年係全世界唔同國家都教過專業人士演講技巧, 所以佢完全明白大家既需要。我強烈推薦呢本書俾學生,在職人士,去進修自己既表達技巧,特別係怕睇英文書但又想試下,因為D英文真係好易明。 Presentation Now 真係簡單易明,教你慳時間點到即止。睇完記得留言話我知對你有咩改變呀:)