Festive December in Birmingham

Let’s kick off 2016 by reviewing the amazing 2015! I am very grateful to obtained my Masters degree in Creative Industries and Cultural Policy from Birmingham City University. The course changed my perspective of EVERYTHING. I see more than what I used to be, caring the place I live in and being excellent to everyone.  

開始2016同時回顧一下自己2015做過咩先,首先當然係讀完個Masters degree - Creative Industries and Cultural Policy from Birmingham City University。個course改變左我好多價值觀,人生哲學咩都有真係,我學識左多方面睇同一件事,搵出真相,關心自己既社會同尊重。

This festive month - December, I experienced the real world of working in England. As you know, I love working in Impact Hub, they always host fabulous events and workshops. Of course, the Christmas Party as well!! The first thing when I arrived the hub is pick up my mug and practice my coffee skill, so I lifted up my mug - why is it so heavy? There is a present in my mug!! Every members of Impact Hub receive a secret handmade jam in the mug!! This already made my day, and following a whole day event includes: Family Fun Workshop, Christmas Lunch, Performance and Christmas Dinner. From noon to night, Christmas food is everywhere, vegan chocolate is the highlight of the day! Except food, I receive a new book: Presentation Now - to enhance my skill to prepare a presentation in less than 3 hours, which is suitable for everyone especially students. For me, I hate seeing a powerpoint full of words, I would describe it as “article presentation”, absolutely wasting my life. I will come back to this book later when I finished it.

呢個節日氣氛濃厚既12月,我開始左係英國工作,你都知啦,我鍾意係Impact Hub做野,佢地真係好有心推動自己社會同搞手,當然唔少得聖誕party! 咁去到Impact Hub第一件事就係攞隻杯去沖咖啡,呀但點解今日隻杯咁鬼重既,原來入面有樽手製果醬!勁開心呀!接著來仲有全日event有家庭樂,天才表演同聖誕大餐。講真由朝到晚不斷有野食,仲有Impact Hub會員精心炮製既素食者講適用既熱朱古力。除左食,仲收到一本書關於presentation - Presentation Now,教如何3小時內準備好一個perfect presentation,老少咸宜特別係學生,人生最驚就係見到密麻麻既powerpoint文,真係浪費我既人生去睇咁既presentation。等我睇完本書再同大家分享。

After too much food, Impact Hub put on Incredible performances such as spoken word, live music, street dance, beatboxing and my lovely DJ Mazzy. Through out the night, many members of Impact Hub had show off their hidden talents, amazing voice and British humour. I love the performances from Matthew Socci and Tom Peel, Matthew Socci has amazing guitar skill which I have no ideas how should I describe it / Tom Peel is a super hilarious musician who combining music and craziness in one. You have missed lots of entertainment If you never seen their gig! And Malala Yousafzai also came to the party, I was very luckily to meet her in person, she is a true inspiration.

無限既食物之後就去到表演節目時間,包括有spoken word, live music, street dance, beatboxing and my lovely DJ Mazzy。天才表演有好多本身Impact Hub會員,原來平時係我隔離沖咖啡個個原來係beatbox高手,真係卧虎藏龍。當晚最愛有Matthew Socci神乎奇技既結他技術同超級搞笑Tom Peel,將音樂同幽默結合得完美無瑕。Malala Yousafzai 都有黎到 party, 有幸見到佢真係社會棟樑啦。

A week later, it was Topshop Staff Christmas Party at Digbeth. Everyone dresses very nicely, party and drinks, which is not my kind of thing for me as a non-drinker. Anyway, I enjoyed the night to meet so many colleagues as we don’t have time to talk while working in store. 

一個星期之後到Topshop Staff Christmas Party,都係個d啦,飲到爛醉,對我唔嗜酒音樂又唔岩聽黎講,有無趣自己想像下,但都係唯一機會係工作時間以外同同事相處傾下計。

The year of 2015 is gone, which is one of the best year of my life. Studying and working abroad from Hong Kong to England is my biggest achievement at the moment. I am very pleased to meet everyone here especially Mazzy Snape and my personal tutor during the degree - Paul Long. If I have to use a word to sum up what I have learnt this year, that would be “Respect”. I love how people make connection with each other and appreciate what they working on. Doers always work hard instead of moaning, the future is always in our own hands, continuous improvement is the best way to improve ourselves. This is what I have experienced in Birmingham City University and Impact Hub. Thank you 2015! Let’s become a better human for our world! 

話咁快咁就一年啦,2015可以話係人生以來最精彩既一年。人生一大舉動出國讀書工作,好榮幸認識到提左十萬次既Mazzy Snape同我大學導師Paul Long。如果用一個字形容今年學左d咩,個粒字會係:尊重。我鍾意見到人同人既接觸,點樣同人相處待人接物,尊重大家做緊既工作。真係做事既人真係講多無謂,做就最實際的。老套D都要講句未來係自己手中,條路點行自己簡,係睇你點推自己向前。呢D係我係Birmingham City University and Impact Hub感受到,多謝晒2015!黎緊做個好D既人,幫自己又幫到社會!