Impact Hub Birmingham x Hong Kong

Time goes really fast, can't believe I have been joining Impact Hub for 6 months already. When I first started, I know nothing about what should I do and who should I talk to. But now, I can fully use my coffee skills which the hub's member taught me before. I can serve a number of guests at the same time, I feel successful and more contributed in the hub. I only come to Impact Hub once a week after I got a job,  actually it makes me more enjoyable the time while working in the hub. Because when you have "normal" job, you will easier lost your personal goal. I make use of the time I spend in the hub, give me a peaceful moment to focus what my direction is. Recently, Impact Hub Birmingham hosted TEDxBrum Open Meet Up, everyone welcome to participate this big event. We all know it is voluntary job, but still at least 60 people came from different industries, how impressive. I was thinking, "where should I go to somewhere else like Impact Hub if I have to go back to Hong Kong? I need a place to talk to people who share the same mindset - provide solutions for the community, at the same time without the concept of social class." 

話咁快咁就黎左Impact Hub半年啦,由初初一開始咩都唔知要點知到而家沖咖啡沖到茶餐廳伙計咁 ,好有成功感。雖然相比返工之前日日都黎到而家一星期一次少好多,但反而我更珍惜係Impact Hub工作既時間。返「正常」既工作實係令人失去人生目標,每次係Impact Hub都係俾我淨化心靈既時間,專心諗下自己想做咩。最近Impact Hub Birmingham搞左 TEDxBrum Open Meet Up,歡迎社會各人參與呢個一年一度既盛事,大家都知呢個活動係義務無收錢,仲好大工作量但都有成大約60人黎,幾團結喔,男女老少不分階別,各行各業既人都有。有時心諗呀遲下返香港點算?無個地方可以同有共同目標既人交流,而且係可以好似Impact Hub Birmingham咁 - 無階級觀念,為社會問題提供創新點決方法,任何人歡迎。


Back to business, I would like to share my Christmas wish with you which is already achieved - set up Impact Hub Hong Kong within 10 years / if someone done it before me I would give 200% of everything I got. I was super excited to hear that there is maker in Hong Kong just after few days in 2016! One of my friend said "Things are usually changed to commercial when it arrive Hong Kong, or it will be a group of foreigners only !" I was quite shocked when I heard this, actually there are many of examples have become these situations. But Impact Hub has a guideline from global network including conceptual thinking which makes the community better, it should be alright! 

返正題,我不仿講出我個聖誕願望出黎因為已經實現左 - 10年內組織Impact Hub Hong Kong,如果有人早過我開始我一定盡200%力幫手。點知!岩岩過左2016無耐,我就收到消息原來香港已經有maker,個下聽到真係開心到飛起!估唔到願望一個月就實現了!有友人話「唉鬼佬野去到香港都會變質商業化,一係只係受外國人玩ga la!」聽到個下又叮一下,又係喎真係有好多例子真係變左質,但Impact Hub宗旨咪就係為左改變更好,又有global network睇住,無事既!

Regarding the connection, I need to say a big thanks to the founder of Impact Hub Birmingham - Immy! Without her support I will not able to reach the stage of today. After the happiness, I connected to the founder of Impact Hub Hong Kong. We have a chat during Lunar New Year about my contribution in the hub of Hong Kong! I told the founder - Stanley, my experience at Impact Hub Birmingham as well. He said that we have some differences between UK, Taiwan and Singapore. Of course we have, we are living on a different plate - which means I can be a cultural bridge between Europe and Asia. When I was writing my dissertation, I researched "Cultural Translation" - export a new culture to a place where there is local culture already, is it going to be a culture shock/ blending in/ rejection? But when I found out this is a PhD research topic, I stopped. I know I can't handle it. And now, I have a chance to explore this again. I reckon it will be easier to understand while I am actually doing it by myself. 

首先要感謝Impact Hub Birmingham既founder - Immy, 無佢幫我搭路真係好難聯絡到香港Impact Hub。咁開心完一輪,經global network聯絡左香港既founder,農歷新年期間傾左次計,好開心我入左team可以加入香港團隊!我將係Impact Hub Birmingham經歷既事大約講俾個香港founder - Stanley知,佢覺得英國既Impact Hub同台灣,新加坡有少少唔同。始終大家係唔同板塊,當然文化、工作方式都有分別,咁唔同就者係我有用啦。我可以作為歐洲同亞洲既橋樑,互相交流文化。講起呢樣野,當時寫論文有期係咁研究Cultural Translation中文大約係「文化轉移」,即當一種文化帶去另一新地方而當地已經有本地文化,咁既轉變會有咩衝激/融合/排斥?但睇多一排發現Cultural Translation係PhD題目所以決定收手,因為d書一句有一半既字都要查字典古文咁,搞唔掂搞唔掂。但估唔到而家又有機會接觸,咁走唔甩啦,再挑戰,實戰經驗點都易明過眯古文。

I know this is quite long to read, but my main point is: Impact Hub in Hong Kong! Although I am living in the UK, I still care about Hong Kong very much! Sometimes, I feel more related to the community when I read the posts about HK local jokes - this is what I called Community Engagement! 

講咁大堆野都係想帶出一句:香港有Impact Hub啦!雖然我人在英國但心有一半都係香港,每日都睇蘋果新聞同100毛ga哈哈,有時睇到香港人先識笑既post真係覺得感覺同香港近D,呢D先係Community Engagement ga ma!