Flatpack Film Festival 2017

It is the time of the year again! Flatpack Film Festival is an annual independent film festival in Birmingham since 2006. I have been working with them for few years (including Flatpack Asia, Hong Kong in 2015) and It was privilege to be asked to work with them again. The festival started between 4th - 9th April, I was a Venue Coordinator to look after venues across the city centre. During the week, I watched lots of films and performances such as Mulholland Drive, Bunch of Kunst, Around China with a Movie Camera, Brumburger and cartoons etc. Some of the screenings were silent films which including live music performance, it enhanced the whole experience of monotonous black and white silent films. It was an intense week to travel around Birmingham but connecting with new people and creatives was the key of this festival. I can see the festival is growing so fast compared to years ago, lots of screenings sold out in advance, amazing feedbacks and people. I love meeting new friends and work at the same time! Thanks again Flatpack!

又係Flatpack Film Festival既時候!Flatpack Film Festival係一個Birmingham獨立電影節由2006年開始,我已經同佢地合作左幾年包括Flatpack Asia 2015係香港,好榮幸今年佢地又叫我返去幫手。由4月份4至9號,我係Venue Coordinator 負責睇場,呢一個星期睇多好多戲同埋卡通片。有D係好舊既默戲,咁無聲好悶ga ma,所以就同時加左音樂表演,成個氣氛即刻提升左。成個星期日日四圍去唔同場地,但最重要繁每次都識到新朋友,又做又玩!多謝Flatpack :)