Building brand identity - Off the Scale Vintage

I focused on building brand identity for Off the Scale Vintage over the past few months. I managed to collaborate with photographers, stylists, models and students, which is an extraordinary experience for me. 

Started from June, I came up with an idea about new website with lookbooks - a refurbishment of the brand, so I looked for a few contacts to bring things together. I created 3 lookbooks which are 3 different fashionable eras: 70s, 80s and 90s

Each look have at least 3 outfits to present the vibes of that style, I was trilled to have friends and workmates to help me through the process. From researching, sourcing, budgeting, planning etc, all done by myself (was very PROUD!).

我最近一直做緊Off the Scale Vintage既brand identity, 同攝影師,model,學生一齊合作。由6月開始,我提議整個新網站同lookbooks,一個全新形象,咁就影左3個年代既相: 70s, 80s and 90s。每個年代都有3套唔同既衫,同時間好開心有真心朋友幫手,由資料搜集,搵場地,計錢同安排行程 (好叻仔呀我哈哈)。

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Project Manager and Website by me 

Art Direction: Bryan Lee

Photographer: Becky Chivers & Charlie Geater

After 2 months of all the hard work, I organised a launch event for the website, with teas and cake of course and I would say she made the best cake in Brum! (Provided by Lil's Parlour). 

Also, we have blog posts about our event!

Ella Robson

Bryoney Cook

Zoe Green