Week 3: Foodie and Digbeth Dinning Club in Kings Heath

Autumn is official here! That means everyone got ill and running nose really…. This week is getting cold, we all suffer coughing and sneezing** Definitely need hot food instead of cold sandwich and salad, so I have been eating out these days. The nearest traditional pub - Big Bull Heads is my favourite, they serve proper pub food and very reasonable price. This English Breakfast just £3.95 from Big Bull Heads, and chicken donner and chips is £3.30 from the fast food shop, everything is purse-friendly in Digbeth.

秋天到啦,英國天氣相對氣溫比較低但無香港咁潮濕,所以就算10度都無咁凍,我覺得(可能習慣左)。呢d天氣大家梗係好影病,我們日日都咳,係乾咳好辛苦,要狂飲川配枇杷膏。由於頂唔順凍既沙律三文治,所以日日都出街食。不過Digbeth係新發展區,雖然只係離市中心10分鐘路程,價錢已經差幾倍,我最愛既pub - Big Bull Heads - English Breakfast £3.95,附近fast food shop燒雞薯條£3.30。

Except office work, I went to Off the Scale Vintage for promotion and Digbeth Dinning Club takeover in Kings Heath this Sunday. It went really well, super packed and lots of good food! As you can see from the photos below, the atmosphere was fabulous and lots of stylish people. I did some snap shoots which are good for social media later on.

話咁快到星期日,今個星期除左返工仲去左Off the Scale Vintage做promo同Digbeth Dinning Club係Kings Heath,有好多呢個社區既人出動同street food。下面有d相可以見到當日好多型人,我影左幾張snap留返之後promotion可以用。

This one-day food fair gathered all the cool people in Kings Heath, it was brilliant to meet them all! I always support local cultural events, as I believe festivals have the power to improve the relationship of the community.

就一日既活動就集齊Kings Heath所有對cultural events有興趣既人。我非常支持本地制作,因為我深信自己社會自己救呢個原則。