31st Oct - Natural Healthy Food shop opening

The week of Halloween was mental, lots of events were happened on the same day! One of the money-wised event was the opening of Natural Healthy Food. Everything they sell are extremely healthy, such as organic snacks, supplements and skincare. They also do vegan indian tapas which is absolutely gorgeous! I cannot escape spending money but at least it is good for my own health. On last Saturday 31st October, the day of Halloween and shop opening, the decorations were all about spooky dooky with awesome health snacks tasting. Natural Healthy Food introduced me a whole new level of cocoa, the best thing ever - RAW CHOCOLATE!! For a chocolate lover, this is even better than high-end luxury chocolate. The taste is heaven - moisture and soft, it is super healthy with unheated process which enhances digestion by populating the digestive tract with beneficial flora. Do not under estimate the power of raw chocolate! It actually makes me consider about eating more vegan food! 

萬聖節呢個星期真係瘋癲,好多event係同一日舉行。其中一個明智消費就係Natural Healthy Food開幕,所以產品都係有機同素食者適用。佢地仲有超好食自家製印度素小食,想唔洗錢就走唔甩啦,但起碼係對自己健康有好處。10月31號扮鬼扮馬既日子,我就去左不停既試食,唔係講笑,試左樣野叫生朱古力 Raw Chocolate,好好食仲好軟,似日本Royce個隻朱古力但健康版同最重要係係英國可以食到差不多既野。我就超熱愛朱古力特別係黑朱古力,呢樣叫生古力既產品係無經過高溫處理,保留所有營養幫助消化。唔好低估佢,真係令我留意多左vegan food,又健康又好味呀嘛!

You can see how many I tasted in just 5 minutes, it is guilty-free for eating these amount of snacks!! I love this place so much, they have the best organic food in town and just few minutes away from Selfridges. It is very easy to pop in the shop and grab some chocolate chocolate and chocolate. Recently, they just released a new product - Matcha green tea powder. This is my favourite tea and very hard to find a high quality in the UK, now the shop just saved my life in Birmingham! 

5分鐘光速試晒成間鋪既試食,完全無罪惡感咁狂食零食,因為我知道佢地對我有好處嘛!有機素食而家真係好hit,呢間鋪仲係Selfridges附近,好易就可以去揮錢買生古力。最近仲有日本抹茶粉,好開心呀!係英國有有機抹茶粉,唔洗慳住飲香港帶返黎既珍藏啦 :)

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