Flatpack Film Festival 2017

It is the time of the year again! Flatpack Film Festival is an annual independent film festival in Birmingham since 2006. I have been working with them for few years (including Flatpack Asia, Hong Kong in 2015) and It was privilege to be asked to work with them again. The festival started between 4th - 9th April, I was a Venue Coordinator to look after venues across the city centre. During the week, I watched lots of films and performances such as Mulholland Drive, Bunch of Kunst, Around China with a Movie Camera, Brumburger and cartoons etc. Some of the screenings were silent films which including live music performance, it enhanced the whole experience of monotonous black and white silent films. It was an intense week to travel around Birmingham but connecting with new people and creatives was the key of this festival. I can see the festival is growing so fast compared to years ago, lots of screenings sold out in advance, amazing feedbacks and people. I love meeting new friends and work at the same time! Thanks again Flatpack!

又係Flatpack Film Festival既時候!Flatpack Film Festival係一個Birmingham獨立電影節由2006年開始,我已經同佢地合作左幾年包括Flatpack Asia 2015係香港,好榮幸今年佢地又叫我返去幫手。由4月份4至9號,我係Venue Coordinator 負責睇場,呢一個星期睇多好多戲同埋卡通片。有D係好舊既默戲,咁無聲好悶ga ma,所以就同時加左音樂表演,成個氣氛即刻提升左。成個星期日日四圍去唔同場地,但最重要繁每次都識到新朋友,又做又玩!多謝Flatpack :)

Building brand identity - Off the Scale Vintage

I focused on building brand identity for Off the Scale Vintage over the past few months. I managed to collaborate with photographers, stylists, models and students, which is an extraordinary experience for me. 

Started from June, I came up with an idea about new website with lookbooks - a refurbishment of the brand, so I looked for a few contacts to bring things together. I created 3 lookbooks which are 3 different fashionable eras: 70s, 80s and 90s

Each look have at least 3 outfits to present the vibes of that style, I was trilled to have friends and workmates to help me through the process. From researching, sourcing, budgeting, planning etc, all done by myself (was very PROUD!).

我最近一直做緊Off the Scale Vintage既brand identity, 同攝影師,model,學生一齊合作。由6月開始,我提議整個新網站同lookbooks,一個全新形象,咁就影左3個年代既相: 70s, 80s and 90s。每個年代都有3套唔同既衫,同時間好開心有真心朋友幫手,由資料搜集,搵場地,計錢同安排行程 (好叻仔呀我哈哈)。

See more: http://offthescalevintage.com

Project Manager and Website by me 

Art Direction: Bryan Lee

Photographer: Becky Chivers & Charlie Geater

After 2 months of all the hard work, I organised a launch event for the website, with teas and cake of course and I would say she made the best cake in Brum! (Provided by Lil's Parlour). 

Also, we have blog posts about our event!

Ella Robson

Bryoney Cook

Zoe Green


It was a privilege to be part of the Team in TEDxBrum. I met many nice people at backstage who became my good friends afterwards, and just within few hours I connected with quite a few people which we known virtually before. This event was magical, clicking peoples' mind in a day. We started to think what we can do together, how to makes things better. TEDxBrum is a spiritual experience, a lot of speakers are truly inspiring about social change and entrepreneurship. Some of my favourite quotes:

"Build the things, that build things" & "If we can change the culture, we can change the community." - By Anisa Haghdadi

"We should boss this city." - By Anthony Painter.

Can you do this Hong Kongers?

我好幸運可以成為 Team TEDxBrum其中一份子,我識好多人之後仲變成好朋友,係個幾個鐘內我竟然撞到幾個只係網上識既「朋友」。呢個event聚埋左好多人,好新奇地大家都被啟發,點樣可以令自己既社會進步。TEDxBrum 超級感動,有好多演講者都好有心改變自己既社會。其中最觸動人心既

"Build the things, that build things" & "If we can change the culture, we can change the community." - By Anisa Haghdadi /

"We should boss this city." - By Anthony Painter


Off the Scale Vintage

I worked 6 months in Topshop and I realised I should go. And then a job opportunity came up from Off the Scale Vintage which I worked for them during my internship. It is a non profit social enterprise helping young adults with depression through training and employment. This new job is a mix of what I have done through out these years, such as event management,  operation management, online marketing, e-commerce and visual merchandising etc. So the first week passed, I enjoyed the freedom and creative that I can apply on the brand, bringing a brand from offline to online is absolutely challenging but it goes well.

話咁快就係Topshop做左半年,但覺得留係到唔係辦法,要快走。咁岩有份工揾上門,無係之前做interns其中一個客。Off the Scale Vintage係香港所講既社企,幫助有抑鬱症既年青人。呢份新工集合晒我一直以來做既野,例如: event management,  operation management, online marketing, e-commerce and visual merchandising等等。第一個星期過左,我好享受工作時既自由度同創意,有咩諗頭都有機會做出黎。由一個傳統牌子將佢變成online真係好多野搞,但效果很好很開心。

Good News are - 

1. Instagram followers from 610 to 1053 within 10 days

2. Depop has featured our post on front page

3. Social media build up brand identity and more customers come to the shop

I am so glad to work for Off the Scale Vintage and look forward to more exciting stuff :) !

Cultural Difference : Social Class

I have been studying and working in the UK for around 2 years now. Experiencing the culture is one of the best thing ever, you can see the ways of people's manner, thinking process and attitude in daily life. I would say UK has a relaxing work community compared to Hong Kong. Sometimes, British says "Yeah yeah, I will get it done soon." Actually you may need to wait a bit longer than expected, but the results are productive than very quick response. One more thing, social class in Hong Kong is one of the biggest issue to limit the creativity of young professional.  Here is an example what I experienced in Birmingham:

我黎左英國大約兩年幾,老土D講句「體驗生活文化」其實係學識最多野。係生活細節你可以觀察到人民既生活態度同思考方法。相比下英國係真係輕鬆好多,好多事都「得ga la,無問題喎」但其實可能你要早比預期既時間耐,但效果係唔錯只係佢地既工作模式同香港唔一樣。有個例子可以解說一下:

I went to Cross Innovation accidentally. I realised that the discussion panel was about "How to use design thinking to help policymakers for decision making." OKAY, I was the only student and non-EU person - I WANT TO GO HOME! I still have years to go to reach this level - discuss social problems with 11 EU-cities core policymakers. Anyways, I decided to stay and listen what is going on. There were 3 parts of discussion, 6 different groups at every section. I didn't speak a word for the whole day, OH I DID. The only sentence was "I am a student of MA Creative Industries and Cultural Policy at Birmingham City University ." Turn out it was pretty good, I received thousands of information in 8 hours, all topics were very new to me which I am completely unfamiliar with. Sometimes they ask for my opinion as well! Wow, I am just a student who want to learn, my brain kept running around those intensive topics, don't push too hard on me....... Compared to Hong Kong, most of the experienced seniors would never listen to the small potato. Therefore, this is the obvious difference between Europe and Asia. 

上年傻下傻下去左Cross Innovation,去到先發現原來係歐盟會議主題係大約關於如何用design thinking幫助policymaker改善社會問題。心諗大鍋得我一個學生得我一個唔係歐洲人 - 好想走,我有排都未黎到呢個level個11國既歐盟成員研究對策,但咁難得機會入到核心研究10吋厚面皮都要留啦。全日分3 part針對唔同歐洲國家所面對既問題有個別小組討論,同時間有成6個主題自己簡入邊組,我全程無出個聲只係大家自我介紹出個句「我是學生讀緊MA Creative Industries and Cultural Policy at Birmingham City University」。面皮厚是有用的,我一日吸收左幾廿個歐盟現正對面既問題,各國人士既睇法,仲有時有人問我點睇!嘩,我淨係黎學野咋唔好迫我啦,個腦不停咁諗野好多問題仲係完全未接觸過。個日真係獲益良多,相比香港有返咁上下經驗既人好多都似老賣老,完全覺得佢地岩晒,點會參埋我玩呀。所以我覺得呢個係亞洲同歐洲最最大既分別。

This is just an EXAMPLE, normally people are well nice and polite to me but it doesn't mean everything will be the same as what I told. I am very luckily to meet people who are respectful and willing to share, is it about the cultural difference? I changed my attitude quite a lot after I came to UK, I am confident to talk to strangers instead of being too sensitive. And we should spread this love across Hong Kong! Recently, I am doing freelance with a few cultural projects: a documentary about Hong Kong cultural identity with Craig Bush / Flatpack Film Festival / Longbridge Public Art Project.  I am very excited about all of these, absolutely trilled to have the opportunities to work with these amazing events, especially the documentary. I bring back all my network in Hong Kong and I can't wait to see the final film, please stay tuned!    

呢個只係個例子,我係好好彩遇到好人,但唔代表全部都係一樣。很好運地識到D人都係好尊重別人,願意分享,呢個係一個幾大既分別。我黎到英國後改變左好多睇野既思想,無咁大介心同可以亂UP無限LOOP,香港都應該有咁既氣氛!最近我做緊幾個freelance project,有關於一個香港文化紀錄片with Craig Bush / Flatpack Film Festival / Longbridge Public Art Project . 超級興奮有機會可以同呢幾個機構合作,特別係香港短片。我渾身解數出盡所有人際關係,好想快D睇條片,記得留意呀!

Impact Hub Birmingham x Hong Kong

Time goes really fast, can't believe I have been joining Impact Hub for 6 months already. When I first started, I know nothing about what should I do and who should I talk to. But now, I can fully use my coffee skills which the hub's member taught me before. I can serve a number of guests at the same time, I feel successful and more contributed in the hub. I only come to Impact Hub once a week after I got a job,  actually it makes me more enjoyable the time while working in the hub. Because when you have "normal" job, you will easier lost your personal goal. I make use of the time I spend in the hub, give me a peaceful moment to focus what my direction is. Recently, Impact Hub Birmingham hosted TEDxBrum Open Meet Up, everyone welcome to participate this big event. We all know it is voluntary job, but still at least 60 people came from different industries, how impressive. I was thinking, "where should I go to somewhere else like Impact Hub if I have to go back to Hong Kong? I need a place to talk to people who share the same mindset - provide solutions for the community, at the same time without the concept of social class." 

話咁快咁就黎左Impact Hub半年啦,由初初一開始咩都唔知要點知到而家沖咖啡沖到茶餐廳伙計咁 ,好有成功感。雖然相比返工之前日日都黎到而家一星期一次少好多,但反而我更珍惜係Impact Hub工作既時間。返「正常」既工作實係令人失去人生目標,每次係Impact Hub都係俾我淨化心靈既時間,專心諗下自己想做咩。最近Impact Hub Birmingham搞左 TEDxBrum Open Meet Up,歡迎社會各人參與呢個一年一度既盛事,大家都知呢個活動係義務無收錢,仲好大工作量但都有成大約60人黎,幾團結喔,男女老少不分階別,各行各業既人都有。有時心諗呀遲下返香港點算?無個地方可以同有共同目標既人交流,而且係可以好似Impact Hub Birmingham咁 - 無階級觀念,為社會問題提供創新點決方法,任何人歡迎。


Back to business, I would like to share my Christmas wish with you which is already achieved - set up Impact Hub Hong Kong within 10 years / if someone done it before me I would give 200% of everything I got. I was super excited to hear that there is maker in Hong Kong just after few days in 2016! One of my friend said "Things are usually changed to commercial when it arrive Hong Kong, or it will be a group of foreigners only !" I was quite shocked when I heard this, actually there are many of examples have become these situations. But Impact Hub has a guideline from global network including conceptual thinking which makes the community better, it should be alright! 

返正題,我不仿講出我個聖誕願望出黎因為已經實現左 - 10年內組織Impact Hub Hong Kong,如果有人早過我開始我一定盡200%力幫手。點知!岩岩過左2016無耐,我就收到消息原來香港已經有maker,個下聽到真係開心到飛起!估唔到願望一個月就實現了!有友人話「唉鬼佬野去到香港都會變質商業化,一係只係受外國人玩ga la!」聽到個下又叮一下,又係喎真係有好多例子真係變左質,但Impact Hub宗旨咪就係為左改變更好,又有global network睇住,無事既!

Regarding the connection, I need to say a big thanks to the founder of Impact Hub Birmingham - Immy! Without her support I will not able to reach the stage of today. After the happiness, I connected to the founder of Impact Hub Hong Kong. We have a chat during Lunar New Year about my contribution in the hub of Hong Kong! I told the founder - Stanley, my experience at Impact Hub Birmingham as well. He said that we have some differences between UK, Taiwan and Singapore. Of course we have, we are living on a different plate - which means I can be a cultural bridge between Europe and Asia. When I was writing my dissertation, I researched "Cultural Translation" - export a new culture to a place where there is local culture already, is it going to be a culture shock/ blending in/ rejection? But when I found out this is a PhD research topic, I stopped. I know I can't handle it. And now, I have a chance to explore this again. I reckon it will be easier to understand while I am actually doing it by myself. 

首先要感謝Impact Hub Birmingham既founder - Immy, 無佢幫我搭路真係好難聯絡到香港Impact Hub。咁開心完一輪,經global network聯絡左香港既founder,農歷新年期間傾左次計,好開心我入左team可以加入香港團隊!我將係Impact Hub Birmingham經歷既事大約講俾個香港founder - Stanley知,佢覺得英國既Impact Hub同台灣,新加坡有少少唔同。始終大家係唔同板塊,當然文化、工作方式都有分別,咁唔同就者係我有用啦。我可以作為歐洲同亞洲既橋樑,互相交流文化。講起呢樣野,當時寫論文有期係咁研究Cultural Translation中文大約係「文化轉移」,即當一種文化帶去另一新地方而當地已經有本地文化,咁既轉變會有咩衝激/融合/排斥?但睇多一排發現Cultural Translation係PhD題目所以決定收手,因為d書一句有一半既字都要查字典古文咁,搞唔掂搞唔掂。但估唔到而家又有機會接觸,咁走唔甩啦,再挑戰,實戰經驗點都易明過眯古文。

I know this is quite long to read, but my main point is: Impact Hub in Hong Kong! Although I am living in the UK, I still care about Hong Kong very much! Sometimes, I feel more related to the community when I read the posts about HK local jokes - this is what I called Community Engagement! 

講咁大堆野都係想帶出一句:香港有Impact Hub啦!雖然我人在英國但心有一半都係香港,每日都睇蘋果新聞同100毛ga哈哈,有時睇到香港人先識笑既post真係覺得感覺同香港近D,呢D先係Community Engagement ga ma!

Book Review: Presentation Now by Andrew Lightheart

Through back few weeks ago, I mentioned about this book - Presentation Now by Andrew Lightheart. And now I finished it and want to share my experience with you. I spent 3 days in total to finish it, which is pretty quick compared to other books. There are few benefits which cause this speedy reading:

  1. Super simple English, the author, Andrew describes it as “Plain English”
  2. Interesting drawing to help you understand the situations
  3. Different examples to demonstrate suitable solutions
  4. Quick recipes to reach maximum outcomes

幾個星期前,我提過下呢本書叫Presentation Now by Andrew Lightheart。咁我就用左3日睇完啦,相比起其他書簡直既神速。我如何做到:

  1. 超級簡單英文,作者Andrew 形容為 “Plain English”
  2. 搞笑圖案幫助你明白個情況
  3. 唔同例子去解釋適合既拆彈方法
  4. 速成教學

Let’s talk about what I like about this book. Andrew uses very easy English to explain every single scenarios, which cause me zero dictionary check while reading an English book. MY FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE! (It is the reason why I can finish this book within 3 days) I was really surprised that he knows how to teach non-native English speakers to understand about presentation and communication. The most interesting part are example cases while he having seminars with clients in Hong Kong, it always amuse me to read his experiences in my hometown which makes me more attach to the stories. He completely understands how “we” - non-native English speakers struggling to catch up the Anglo English. To be honest, I feel like idiot to talk to locals when I first arrive the UK, SLANGS and ACCENTS, oh my god, I feel like I spent my whole life learning nothing from English classes. About 2 years now, I am just slightly confident to say I can mostly understand what people saying to me. It was hard for me to living in a new country alone, I tried many ways to blend into the community such as hanging out with locals, joining social groups and avoiding people who speak the same language……It sounds very mean to my Cantonese friends but it is the most efficient way to push myself to speak English everyday.  


Okay, back to the book. Presentation Now is useful for everyone who need to communicate with human. There are lots of life-changing skills to improve your self-confidence, the ways of your presentation and time management. To be fair, I don’t think I have bad presentation skill. However, after reading the book, I actually feel like I am more organised about my planning and know more about my target audiences before I do the real show. Andrew mentions quite a few points I didn’t pay attention in the past such as how to deal with secret questions. Also, there are some cases about global communication for advanced speakers. He brings up important advices to respect cross-culture conference as he worked internationally over 10 years. I high recommend this book to those who wants to enhance their planning skills especially non-native English speakers. Presentation Now is very easy to read and get to the points straight away, time saved. Let me know how you getting on with the book by leaving your comments below :)

 So now grab yourself a copy for a big change! 

講返本書先,Presentation Now 好適合任何人士係日常生活需要與人類溝通。書中有好多改變人生既技巧例如個人自信,表達能力同時間管理。講真我自覺我presentation skill唔差,但睇完本書我發覺我個人有系統左,係present之前會了解多方法我要應對既人。Andrew 舉左幾個例我之前無留意,好似點應付問答時間。 同埋有幾個例子係俾要對幾百人演講既建議,仲有重要指示關於對唔同文化背景既注意事項,原來佢之前個10年係全世界唔同國家都教過專業人士演講技巧, 所以佢完全明白大家既需要。我強烈推薦呢本書俾學生,在職人士,去進修自己既表達技巧,特別係怕睇英文書但又想試下,因為D英文真係好易明。 Presentation Now 真係簡單易明,教你慳時間點到即止。睇完記得留言話我知對你有咩改變呀:)


Festive December in Birmingham

Let’s kick off 2016 by reviewing the amazing 2015! I am very grateful to obtained my Masters degree in Creative Industries and Cultural Policy from Birmingham City University. The course changed my perspective of EVERYTHING. I see more than what I used to be, caring the place I live in and being excellent to everyone.  

開始2016同時回顧一下自己2015做過咩先,首先當然係讀完個Masters degree - Creative Industries and Cultural Policy from Birmingham City University。個course改變左我好多價值觀,人生哲學咩都有真係,我學識左多方面睇同一件事,搵出真相,關心自己既社會同尊重。

This festive month - December, I experienced the real world of working in England. As you know, I love working in Impact Hub, they always host fabulous events and workshops. Of course, the Christmas Party as well!! The first thing when I arrived the hub is pick up my mug and practice my coffee skill, so I lifted up my mug - why is it so heavy? There is a present in my mug!! Every members of Impact Hub receive a secret handmade jam in the mug!! This already made my day, and following a whole day event includes: Family Fun Workshop, Christmas Lunch, Performance and Christmas Dinner. From noon to night, Christmas food is everywhere, vegan chocolate is the highlight of the day! Except food, I receive a new book: Presentation Now - to enhance my skill to prepare a presentation in less than 3 hours, which is suitable for everyone especially students. For me, I hate seeing a powerpoint full of words, I would describe it as “article presentation”, absolutely wasting my life. I will come back to this book later when I finished it.

呢個節日氣氛濃厚既12月,我開始左係英國工作,你都知啦,我鍾意係Impact Hub做野,佢地真係好有心推動自己社會同搞手,當然唔少得聖誕party! 咁去到Impact Hub第一件事就係攞隻杯去沖咖啡,呀但點解今日隻杯咁鬼重既,原來入面有樽手製果醬!勁開心呀!接著來仲有全日event有家庭樂,天才表演同聖誕大餐。講真由朝到晚不斷有野食,仲有Impact Hub會員精心炮製既素食者講適用既熱朱古力。除左食,仲收到一本書關於presentation - Presentation Now,教如何3小時內準備好一個perfect presentation,老少咸宜特別係學生,人生最驚就係見到密麻麻既powerpoint文,真係浪費我既人生去睇咁既presentation。等我睇完本書再同大家分享。

After too much food, Impact Hub put on Incredible performances such as spoken word, live music, street dance, beatboxing and my lovely DJ Mazzy. Through out the night, many members of Impact Hub had show off their hidden talents, amazing voice and British humour. I love the performances from Matthew Socci and Tom Peel, Matthew Socci has amazing guitar skill which I have no ideas how should I describe it / Tom Peel is a super hilarious musician who combining music and craziness in one. You have missed lots of entertainment If you never seen their gig! And Malala Yousafzai also came to the party, I was very luckily to meet her in person, she is a true inspiration.

無限既食物之後就去到表演節目時間,包括有spoken word, live music, street dance, beatboxing and my lovely DJ Mazzy。天才表演有好多本身Impact Hub會員,原來平時係我隔離沖咖啡個個原來係beatbox高手,真係卧虎藏龍。當晚最愛有Matthew Socci神乎奇技既結他技術同超級搞笑Tom Peel,將音樂同幽默結合得完美無瑕。Malala Yousafzai 都有黎到 party, 有幸見到佢真係社會棟樑啦。

A week later, it was Topshop Staff Christmas Party at Digbeth. Everyone dresses very nicely, party and drinks, which is not my kind of thing for me as a non-drinker. Anyway, I enjoyed the night to meet so many colleagues as we don’t have time to talk while working in store. 

一個星期之後到Topshop Staff Christmas Party,都係個d啦,飲到爛醉,對我唔嗜酒音樂又唔岩聽黎講,有無趣自己想像下,但都係唯一機會係工作時間以外同同事相處傾下計。

The year of 2015 is gone, which is one of the best year of my life. Studying and working abroad from Hong Kong to England is my biggest achievement at the moment. I am very pleased to meet everyone here especially Mazzy Snape and my personal tutor during the degree - Paul Long. If I have to use a word to sum up what I have learnt this year, that would be “Respect”. I love how people make connection with each other and appreciate what they working on. Doers always work hard instead of moaning, the future is always in our own hands, continuous improvement is the best way to improve ourselves. This is what I have experienced in Birmingham City University and Impact Hub. Thank you 2015! Let’s become a better human for our world! 

話咁快咁就一年啦,2015可以話係人生以來最精彩既一年。人生一大舉動出國讀書工作,好榮幸認識到提左十萬次既Mazzy Snape同我大學導師Paul Long。如果用一個字形容今年學左d咩,個粒字會係:尊重。我鍾意見到人同人既接觸,點樣同人相處待人接物,尊重大家做緊既工作。真係做事既人真係講多無謂,做就最實際的。老套D都要講句未來係自己手中,條路點行自己簡,係睇你點推自己向前。呢D係我係Birmingham City University and Impact Hub感受到,多謝晒2015!黎緊做個好D既人,幫自己又幫到社會!

Fabulous October with Mazzy Snape

October 2015 was the best month of my career in event industry, I had a fabulous October with Mazzy Snape. She is my role model of creative enterpriser, working on dozens of cultural projects to improve the place we living in. I learnt uncountable of real-life skills, such as how to interact with people, be excellent to everyone and possible ways to work and party hard. 

2015年10月係我係event industry最充實既一個月,我開心可以同 Mazzy Snape做野一個月。係英國呢兩年,我認識左好多猛人,Mazzy係其中一個我十分敬佩既人,重點係從事本地創意產業既女強人。係呢一個月我學識好多生活上既事,加上了解左好多工作同香港唔同既處事方式。係到佢地非常注意人際關係同文化交流,工作同時又娛樂自己,講求生活平衡。係呢個月我參與左好多唔同類型既projects,詳情如下:

In the past month, I was getting involved in several fun projects across Birmingham - including:

The Night Owl, Northern Soul and Motown Club / The Mockingbird Bistro / Brum Radio / Off the Scale cic Jump the Shark, indie band from Wolverhampton / Grapevine Birmingham / Natural Healthy Food / Impact Hub Birmingham etc.

According different situations, I produced project proposals, creative writing, brand launching events and social media engagement. These responsibilities were way more than my self-expectation, I didn’t know I can handle all kind of areas which I am not familiar until I get my hands dirty.

My favourite project was Off the Scale cic, a recycled and up-cycled clothing shop in Kings Heath. I started from the scratch to create social media accounts, assisting brand launching event, engaging with customers and street promotion. I really enjoyed myself while working in the events, seeing all those efforts and ideas I given and transform them into reality. It was huge satisfaction to complete the tasks and my boss liked them. 

跟據唔同情況,我主要工作包括寫proposals,寫稿,brand launching events同管理social media。其實我無諗過我可以短短四星期接觸咁多唔同既崗位,真係唔做唔知自己做得黎。相反,上司們都會好驚你俾鍋佢咩,但呢到Mazzy完全放晒手俾我做由零開始,自由度無極限。而我最愛既project係Off the Scale cic,一間環保古著店。我由開account開始做social media,安排launching event,同客人傾計,落街親自promote派傳單,咩都一手一腳自己做,真係好有成功感ga!

Mazzy always encourages me to dig out my creative mind and think outside the box. I have unlimited freedom to create whatever I think is possible, making recommendations directly with clients. I was pleased to have my internship with her, it was another world compared to working in ‘traditional’ company. Especially we were based in Impact Hub, the best co-working space for freelancers. I met so many creative people in the hub, just like one big family who love to make things better. While working in this magic place, people always up for a chat, knowing and helping each others as much as possible. They know how to connect people and place very well, which enhance the civil pride of Birmingham. Impact Hub have more than 72 locations over the world, and Hong Kong definitely need one!! Cultural identity is real important for a modern city to keep themselves away from globalisation. That’s why cultural workers are the key elements to maintain their civilisation in a place, I am very proud to be part of this journey. Combined those alternative achievements, I feel more likely to start my career in Birmingham more than just shopping in Bullring. 

Big shout out to amazing Mazzy - my colleagues, good friend and creative nuts. Lots of love xxxx

Mazzy成日都鼓勵我諗多d,唔好框住自己瘋狂既ideas,我就真係咩痴線計都講出黎,大家度度下又原來真係有可能喎!諗到D咩都提出,可以同客人建議D新鮮既ideas。真係十分榮幸可以同Mazzy做野,相比係傳統式公司真係兩個世界。特別我地主要係Impact Hub,超正共用工作空間俾freelancer,我識左好多從事創意產業既人,一個想社會更好既大家庭。係Impact Hub大家成日都吹水飲啡,想認識同幫助大家,個network大到想像唔到。佢地好清楚自己既方向,民族意識非常之強,其實咁先係一個完整社會需要既元素,Impact Hub分佈全世界最少72個城市, 我地附近既新加坡同日本都有,香港都好需要!!未來既日子我會係Birmingham繼續工作,表面上只有Bullring商場既地方,其實背後有一班有心人維持本土文化。



Digbeth Autumn Market and Frock On Vintage

I had an excited Saturday plus Halloween, food market and shops opening were all happened on the same day! Seasonal market is one of my favourite in every 3 months, they have so many stalls with international cuisines, a perfect lazy food tour in one place. The photos below were taken in Spring Market and Autumn Market, I didn't eat that MUCH in one day........

萬聖節加星期六,又food market又開幕可以想像有幾忙。Seasonal market係一年四次既季節性market,有好多唔同既攤擋,所以我每次都黎食好野,一次過食晒想食既野。D相係夾埋Spring Market 同 Autumn Market,唔好以為我一日食咁多野喎。

Everything was great, independent food stalls and friendly people, I love the atmosphere how food brings people together haha! Personal favourite is pizza and pumpkin brownie by Peel and Stone - the best bakery in Birmingham. They do epic sourdough and cakes, if you know me well I can't resist cakes :) The sourdough ahhhhhhh, it was so good! You can get toasts from Peel and Stone in Faculty as well, where is much closer than Jewellery Quarter for me. 

全部都好好食,因為大家都係獨立生意仔,自己做自己煮,小社區咁好親切。個人最愛係石爐pizza同麵包 brownie by Peel and Stone,最正既bakery係Birmingham。佢地整sourdough麵包同蛋糕,萬聖節同時當然唔少得咩都關南瓜事,pumpkin brownie 真係不得了。如果唔想行咁遠去Jewellery Quarter,可以去 Faculty係city centre都有Peel and Stone既toast食。

After that, I went to Frock On Vintage opening, my favourite vintage shop in Custard Factory, Birmingham. Frock On Vintage is a delicate vintage studio, expect to see rare gems like Moschino bags and Versace belts. Started from 2011-2014 stocked in Topshop and now own her little shop! All items are handpicked 80's and 90's vintage pieces, you can find very decent sequinned jacket and high-waisted leather skirt, which are essential pieces for my wardrobe. 

之後去左我的最愛既vintage shop係Custard Factory。Frock On Vintage 係間好精緻既vintage studio,所有產品都係店主親自細選,你可以搵到超級好野,好似Moschino bags 同 Versace belts。之前Frock On Vintage係2011-2014 Topshop寄賣,但而家自己開鋪啦!一間鋪內可以搵到稀有既80/90年代既珠片衫同高腰皮裙,真係一次過滿足幾個願望唔洗四圍藤。

The Custard Factory, Birmingham // Open Mon - Sat 10am - 6pm

31st Oct - Natural Healthy Food shop opening

The week of Halloween was mental, lots of events were happened on the same day! One of the money-wised event was the opening of Natural Healthy Food. Everything they sell are extremely healthy, such as organic snacks, supplements and skincare. They also do vegan indian tapas which is absolutely gorgeous! I cannot escape spending money but at least it is good for my own health. On last Saturday 31st October, the day of Halloween and shop opening, the decorations were all about spooky dooky with awesome health snacks tasting. Natural Healthy Food introduced me a whole new level of cocoa, the best thing ever - RAW CHOCOLATE!! For a chocolate lover, this is even better than high-end luxury chocolate. The taste is heaven - moisture and soft, it is super healthy with unheated process which enhances digestion by populating the digestive tract with beneficial flora. Do not under estimate the power of raw chocolate! It actually makes me consider about eating more vegan food! 

萬聖節呢個星期真係瘋癲,好多event係同一日舉行。其中一個明智消費就係Natural Healthy Food開幕,所以產品都係有機同素食者適用。佢地仲有超好食自家製印度素小食,想唔洗錢就走唔甩啦,但起碼係對自己健康有好處。10月31號扮鬼扮馬既日子,我就去左不停既試食,唔係講笑,試左樣野叫生朱古力 Raw Chocolate,好好食仲好軟,似日本Royce個隻朱古力但健康版同最重要係係英國可以食到差不多既野。我就超熱愛朱古力特別係黑朱古力,呢樣叫生古力既產品係無經過高溫處理,保留所有營養幫助消化。唔好低估佢,真係令我留意多左vegan food,又健康又好味呀嘛!

You can see how many I tasted in just 5 minutes, it is guilty-free for eating these amount of snacks!! I love this place so much, they have the best organic food in town and just few minutes away from Selfridges. It is very easy to pop in the shop and grab some chocolate chocolate and chocolate. Recently, they just released a new product - Matcha green tea powder. This is my favourite tea and very hard to find a high quality in the UK, now the shop just saved my life in Birmingham! 

5分鐘光速試晒成間鋪既試食,完全無罪惡感咁狂食零食,因為我知道佢地對我有好處嘛!有機素食而家真係好hit,呢間鋪仲係Selfridges附近,好易就可以去揮錢買生古力。最近仲有日本抹茶粉,好開心呀!係英國有有機抹茶粉,唔洗慳住飲香港帶返黎既珍藏啦 :)

Keep yourself healthy, just follow them on Twitter  /  Facebook /  Website

Or visit: 54-57 Allison Street, Birmingham, B5 5TH

Week 4: Life is all about culture - Vintage Fair, Music and Food (again)

It is Week 4 already! I have been working on several fun projects about clothing, music and food. On Tuesday, Mazz brought a record player with her coffee hosting at Impact Hub. You can have a lucky dip form the record box, and listen to it while waiting for your coffee. I never use a 7" record player before, this is very interesting and a chance to experience how people listen to music in the past. Another day, a member of Impact Hub carried a pan with him, this is a music instruments called 'Tongue Drum'. It sounds very similar to 'Hand Pan' but in smaller version. I love it so much, such a cute pan to play with wherever you are! After playing those music through out the morning, I have a great vegan lunch at The Warehouse Cafe - Halloumi Fish and Chips, this is heaven! Of course afternoon tea afterwards as well. 

話咁快就第四個星期啦,工作上做緊幾個唔同類型既project,有關於時裝/音樂/飲食。係星期二,Mazz帶左個7"黑膠唱片機,我地等佢整緊咖啡時可以任意抽一隻聽。大既12"黑膠就成日見,但我第一次真係攞上手播7"既唱片。之後另一成員就帶左個鍋返黎,銀色一個大鐵波原來係樂器叫 'Tongue Drum'。聽落既聲同原理都同 'Hand Pan' 好似,只係體積細D咁解,好過癮帶住佢去邊都可以玩。之後午餐就去左間我們俗稱素菜館,Fish and Chips 但個魚既由希臘芝士Halloumi做成。Halloumi神奇地好味一試上癮,如果未試過又鍾意芝士一定要試,好多pub都有Halloumi Burger。最後仲有個afternnon tea - cakessss。

Then, I worked in a vintage fair at The Night Owl on 25th October Sunday. There were different vendors of vintage clothes, vinyls and home accessories. People who came to the vintage fair dress very 60s/70s, such as Mod / patterned dress and bohemian style. It just like an afternoon party full of the best bits back in there, people are friendly, unique gems, nice music and good food. What more can you ask for on a cozy Sunday?

You don't have to feel gutted if you missed this, there is another one coming up on 29th November Sunday, just make sure you drop it down in your diary!

到星期日仍需努力,係The Night Owl 有vintage fair,當日好彩有師妹黎手set up,很好多vintage衫,黑膠唱片同復古家具。參與人士好多都著得好襯既主題,主要係60/70年代既style,好似Mod,花花裙同波希米亞款。氣氛同參加既人都好好,比起平時係街既人有善得多,可能因為大家係同一係興趣人都和善D。


That's the end of this week, let's have a whole box sushi from Wasabi for weekend ;) 

咁就又一個星期啦,食下壽司先,Birmingham終於有Wasabi 啦!!

Swim Deep - O2 Institute, Birmingham, Saturday 17 Oct


Photo by @liamho

English Version - Please visit:  Grapevine Birmingham

幾星期前,我一如以往去 Faculty飲咖啡,其中一位咖啡師就播左個非常夢幻既playlist,好似有d棉花糖係speaker到飛出黎。之後全日我都係聽呢隊band,同咖啡因一齊飛去90年代既花樣年華。 Swim Deep mix左dream pop同shoegaze,仲係本地薑出品,Digbeth, Birmingham同時間叫B-Town係indie music scene。當我岩岩開始煲第一隻碟既時候Where the Heaven Are We' , ,第二隻新碟''Mothers' 已經黎緊。Swim Deep 形容第二碟係 psychedelic sex music 直釋係 迷幻性慾音樂,字面上睇落好迷好喪,聽落係堅正,係我的最愛Melodic synths 加 acid house。過左排我發現Swim Deep返黎Birmingham玩 hometown show,今次一定勁正。

呢一日終於到啦,10月17日星期六晚 Swim Deep at O2 Institute. 我對呢場show有極高期望,因為hometown show d fan一定痴晒線,Supporting by Catholic Action and The Magic Gang。今次係我第一次睇Catholic Action, 我鍾意佢地既 bass line 同 主音把聲,個人認為有d似 The Strokes。之後, The Magic Gang - 之前4月Wolf Alice 睇過 , 佢地有好多Birmingham fan, 每當佢地出場d fan就嗌到暈,個個都勁hyper。

Swim Deep一開場就有強勁既visual arts同lighting,仲有Swim Deep logo ≈。第一首新歌Namaste 打頭陣, 個pit已經同我預期中一樣咁大。Swim Deep 9成既觀眾都好後生,我諗我都算係老個批。一set一共14首歌當中包括新舊歌, 個人最愛 Grand Affection and Fueiho Boogie ,當然仲有 B-Town classics Honey and King City. 我覺得視覺效果真係好重要,燈光好影響成個live performance,特別係呢d咁鬼迷既歌,d人跳得癲唔癲我覺得唔多唔少都關視覺享受事。

由此可見,文字同相係表達唔到當時現場既氣氛, 好開心可以係Swim Deep hometown到睇佢地live show,呢場一定係2015其中一場最佳表演。

Photos and video by me

Off the Scale Clothing Opening

I went to Off the Scale Clothing's opening party on Friday 9th October, modelling clothes and doing live social media as well. Off the Scale Clothing is a non-profit enterprise in Kings Heath, it aims to help to raise awareness for people with depression particularly amongst the young who have not been diagnosed. The shop supports and hires these people, in order to help them to get back into the community. It is a great concept to combine social benefits and enterprise into one place, sustainable fashion is a big trend which can keep the shop running. 

9/10 星期五我去左Off the Scale Clothing 開幕,咁我就去幫手做下model,搜集資料做social media。佢係一間慈善機構幫助d 有抑鬱症既人,幫助有需要既人重新投入社會。間鋪係Kings Heath,離Birmingham市中心大約20分鐘巴士,呢一區隔離幾分鐘Moseley 係被列為英國最好住既地方,因為係完善既小社區,大家人際關係都好好。

The shop has a nice range of recycled and upcycled clothes. Recycled clothes are 'buy the weight', which means however cool the top is, you just pay by the weight. For example, at £18 /kilo - here is a very nice silky Emporio Armani dress just £4 because of the light weight!! Another collection is up-cycled fashion, it make use of existing clothing to redesign as fashion items. Every up-cycled item of clothing is handmade by people who have had depression, which makes the pieces more unique and meaningful. Also, Craig Charles, supporter of the concept, attended the party, he has been interviewed by Mazzy Snape and http://dontfretmedia.co.uk , shown below. The party went very well, more fun elements brought to the community, it was a great start for Off the Scale! Congratulation!

大部分既衫都係計重量,無論件衫咩質地咩牌子都係 £18/ kilo,仲有另一系列係循環再造,係由抑鬱症康復人士整,買靚衫之餘又做善事一舉兩得。工作同時我都不忘尋寶,我就汁到筍野,呢條Emporio Armani連身裙 £4咋! 抵到爛,簡直平靚正!英國著名藝人Craig Charles都有黎,下面個訪問係由 Mazzy Snape 同http://dontfretmedia.co.uk 做既。Kings Heath而家愈黎愈多元素一定會更加好。新鋪開張大吉!

Follow : Off the Scale Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

Website: http://www.off-the-scale.co.uk

Address: 2 Waterloo Road (47 York Road), Kings Heath, Birmingham, B14 7SD

Opening hours: Mon CLOSED / Tue - Sat 11 - 7 (Thurs 11 - 8) / Sun 11 - 5/

Week 3: Foodie and Digbeth Dinning Club in Kings Heath

Autumn is official here! That means everyone got ill and running nose really…. This week is getting cold, we all suffer coughing and sneezing** Definitely need hot food instead of cold sandwich and salad, so I have been eating out these days. The nearest traditional pub - Big Bull Heads is my favourite, they serve proper pub food and very reasonable price. This English Breakfast just £3.95 from Big Bull Heads, and chicken donner and chips is £3.30 from the fast food shop, everything is purse-friendly in Digbeth.

秋天到啦,英國天氣相對氣溫比較低但無香港咁潮濕,所以就算10度都無咁凍,我覺得(可能習慣左)。呢d天氣大家梗係好影病,我們日日都咳,係乾咳好辛苦,要狂飲川配枇杷膏。由於頂唔順凍既沙律三文治,所以日日都出街食。不過Digbeth係新發展區,雖然只係離市中心10分鐘路程,價錢已經差幾倍,我最愛既pub - Big Bull Heads - English Breakfast £3.95,附近fast food shop燒雞薯條£3.30。

Except office work, I went to Off the Scale Vintage for promotion and Digbeth Dinning Club takeover in Kings Heath this Sunday. It went really well, super packed and lots of good food! As you can see from the photos below, the atmosphere was fabulous and lots of stylish people. I did some snap shoots which are good for social media later on.

話咁快到星期日,今個星期除左返工仲去左Off the Scale Vintage做promo同Digbeth Dinning Club係Kings Heath,有好多呢個社區既人出動同street food。下面有d相可以見到當日好多型人,我影左幾張snap留返之後promotion可以用。

This one-day food fair gathered all the cool people in Kings Heath, it was brilliant to meet them all! I always support local cultural events, as I believe festivals have the power to improve the relationship of the community.

就一日既活動就集齊Kings Heath所有對cultural events有興趣既人。我非常支持本地制作,因為我深信自己社會自己救呢個原則。


Week 2: Jump the Shark and Impact Hub Mug

This second week was brilliant! I went to Jump the Shark gig and got my Impact Hub Mug! Monday has been a long day -  working day and night. In the afternoon we went to the closest pub - The Old Crown to have dinner then we head to see the soundcheck straight away. Jump the Shark was supporting Alexander and The Rooz, I recorded some of the live performance and interview for them. Unfortunately, my camera isn’t very good, but the videos are good for back up. 

第二個星期好充實,去左睇Jump the Shark,有Impact Hub杯同幫Off the Scale Vintage Shop開幕!星期一永遠係漫長既日子,由朝做到晚,之後去左附近間pub - The Old Crown秒速食左個晚飯就去睇soundcheck。Jump the Shark was supporting Alexander and The Rooz,我影左d低質既片,當俾佢地當record睇下當晚表演。

The day after I received the coolest mug ever from Impact Hub! Every newbie who joined the Impact Hub Wizards and Warlocks Team (aka hosting team) will receive a tailor-made mug. And here is mine! Look how amazing is my personal description especially the Hong Kong bits!

之後個日,我收到史上最型既杯!每個新Wizards and Warlocks team成員即搞手班底係Impact Hub都有隻關於自己既杯,係咪好正呢,睇下條黃絲!

Week 1: Let's get started at Impact Hub Birmingham

The first week of my internship working for Mazzy was awesome. Mazzy Snape - she is freelance event organiser and enterpriser based in Birmingham. She contributes in a lot of cultural events and festivals, definitely my role model in event industry.

I  am so happy to work in the creative space of Birmingham - Impact Hub. This is the most amazing space I have ever worked in, so many excited events and projects going on. Everyone is super friendly, most importantly with on-site DIY kitchen, cereal bar and cafe! I was very look forward when I first heard that we are going to based in Impact Hub. I have been here while volunteering for Flatpack Film Festival so I know how wonderful would that be. Also, while I volunteering in the festival, I met one of the organiser - Sam Grove, I know he is going to Hong Kong so I provided my network and knowledge of Hong Kong to assist Flatpack Asia happened first time in Asia.

開始左第一個星期實習,Mazzy Snape係 Birmingham 做 freelance event organiser,大部分既project都關於creative and culture,音樂藝術文化都關事。Mazzy係我係Birmingham識最岩既學習對象,真係好開心可以跟佢做野。

我地既工作地點係Impact Hub,係一個creative space俾新start up公司開始,有好多其他唔同既細公司一齊係同一個地方返工。係呢到係一個小社區,全部人都超好人,人人都有自己既夢想,個個都努力用自己方式去尋找新天地。係Impact Hub有一個小廚房,無火煮食但都有基本既用具仲有自己既coffee shop。我之前係Flatpack Film Festival做volunteer既時候已經黎過,所以一d都唔陌生。順帶一提,Flatpack Film Festival係Birmingham一年一度既獨立電影節,係volunteer 期間我識左其中一個打算去香港既搞手,上年四月仲第一次去亞洲 - 香港,我海外幫手幾日內搵場租場,其實好好玩,我都係第一次係英國做香港event!詳情可以睇 Flatpack Asia

After that, we visited one of our clients - The Night Owl, a Soul, Motown and Ska night club in DIgbeth. This is a very rare club with beautiful interior design where plays 60s -90s tunes and not chart music. After that, we went to another client - Mocking Bird, the restaurant in Custard Factory.

之後我地去左其中一個客,The Night Owl - Soul, Motown and Ska night club,60年代既音樂,好難用廣東話解釋......有興趣google下。大部分英國既club都無乜內部裝修,但呢間就好靚有晒裝飾同重要唔係播chart music。之後再去另一個客係Custard Factory一間餐廳,Mocking Bird,首先講下Custard Factory,係舊吉士醬廠(無錯係食得奶黃色個d),改建既創意產業工業區,有好多creative公司係到起家。

Let's talk what I usually do at work, I spent most of the time on researching about potential events and bands, creating ideas for new launch events and promotion. Compared to what I did in university, this research is more enjoyable and painless.

我工作範圍大部分時間都係做資源搜集,揾有潛質合作既events 同bands,諗新下計做新events 同promotion,相比係大學做既research呢d真係好玩好多。

As a foodie, I have to mention that Impact Hub does a great job to enhance productivity, which is Breakfast Club Monday, Yoga Wednesday and AFTERNOON TEA THURSDAY. Cream tea every Thursday! This is the best cure for me ever.

當然要講下食啦,Impact Hub為左提高大家志氣同促進小社會關係,有星期一早餐會,星期三晨早瑜珈,同星期四下午茶,勁開心囉,有邊個唔鍾意scone先?? 

At the end of the week, there is no queue for Pho in Grand Central finally! I have craving Vietnamese food for ages, definitely give it a go! Yum yum….

最後,新裝修左既new street火車站有越南野食Pho梗係去啦,老實講,好過無!